The OKC Pool Company teams up with WSI for Digital Marketing

Madelene - 2021-04-23
Custom pool designs to fit your lifestyle

Serving the Oklahoma City Metro, The OKC Pool Company has teamed up with WSI to initiate WSI’s tested and proven digital marketing strategies for their website: https://www.okcpoolservices.com.

The OKC Pool Company is a premier pool designer and pool constriction company.  OKC Pools has a production system that takes the stress out of pool construction.  They begin by providing a 3D Digital Model that shows what the finished pool will look like in the backyard.  Then, they assign a Personal Project Consultant that will work with the property owner throughout the construction process.  The Project Consultant is always available to answer any questions and address any concerns.  Then once the pool is completed, the consultant does a final walk-through to make sure that the pool is completed to satisfaction.   Then OKC Pools provides a Pool School to familiarize the property owners with all of the pool’s features.

OKC Pool Company, with WSI, has initiated a Digital Marketing strategy that includes Pay-per-Click ads, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing.

The initial SEO strategy includes on-page optimization which includes extensive keyword research, website content creation, image optimization, and meta-data optimization.  WSI also created new webpages that better describe OKC Pools services.  You can view the optimized pages here:

OKC Pools Home Page: https://www.okcpoolservices.com/

OKC Pools Design Page:  https://www.okcpoolservices.com/pool-designs

OKC Pool Construction Page: https://www.okcpoolservices.com/pool-contstruction

OKC Pools Vinyl Liners Page: https://www.okcpoolservices.com/liner-installation

The off-page optimization for The OKC Pool Company is an ongoing effort.  As part of the off-page SEO strategy, we have registered OKC Pools with numerous on-line directories.  We also create monthly blog articles and syndicate these articles to blog sites including: posted Blogger, WordPress, Weebly, Wix, and Medium

The combined on-page and off-page optimization efforts help to provide OKC Pools relevancy with the search engines and their ranking.  Monthly reporting will be provided keep OKC Pools informed of the progress we are making.

This blog post originally appeared at: http://wsiaimhigh.com/our-blog/okc-pool-company-hires-wsi

Digital Marketing for a Uniform Store

Madelene - 2021-01-22

A uniform clothing store in Massachusetts recently engaged WSI for digital marketing services. The store, First Defense Supply, offers uniform and supplies for law enforcement, fire and rescue, and emergency medical services personnel. 

The police uniform store provides uniforms from name brands such as Blauer, 5.11 Tactical, Flying Cross and Vertx, badges, IDs and wallets from Blackington and Strong, boots, shoes and socks from 5.11 Tactical, Bates, Corcoran, Matterhorn and Thorlos. It also provides duty gear such as holsters, flashlights, body armor, bags, restraints (handcuffs), batons, tactical gear and riot gear from well-known high quality product manufacturers such as Safariland, Uncle Mikes, Streamlight and Bianchi. The customers in the law enforcement sector includes state police, local police, county sheriff, Federal and correctional officers.


The store also provides uniforms for firefighters and rescue professionals as well as gear and equipment such as Fire/rescue gloves, medical gloves, medical bags, and lights from Safariland, Streamlight, Uncle Mikes.

In addition to uniforms for EMS personnel, the store also provides CPR equipment, medical gloves, and medical bags from the popular manufacturer North American Rescue.

Digital Marketing Services Provided by WSI

The store initially engaged WSI to develop a modern mobile-responsive e-commerce website. While it prepares its inventory to go online, the store launched the website with the purpose of promoting discounted police uniform and gear. WSI developed a digital marketing program for the store which includes biweekly email newsletters to its customer list using Constant Contact, as well as frequent social media posts on its Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin pages. WSI performed detailed keyword research and on-page SEO has been done on relevant landing pages as well as the social media profiles. Ad campaigns are also executed on select social media platforms to promote the brand.

The objectives of the program are to increase website traffic, drive more visitors to the store, promote sale items and increase social media visibility and brand name recognition. We will monitor the store’s website traffic and conversions, as well as the followers and engagement on its Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin pages. We are confident that our ongoing efforts in digital marketing will deliver exceptional results for our client.

About The WSI Touch in Greater Boston, Massachusetts

Since 2009, The WSI Touch has helped small and medium-sized businesses in Greater Boston to increase their leads and sales. The company works closely with its clients to explore their needs, goals and target markets in order to suggest the best online solution to generate measurable results.

With consultant in over 80 countries and each of them well equipped to bring their knowledge of global digital marketing trends to your business to achieve the best local results, you can trust WSI has the expertise, advanced insight and power to help you succeed.

This post was originally published at https://thewsitouch.com/blog/digital-marketing-for-a-uniform-store/

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Sunsweet Case Study – Digital Marknadsföring

Madelene - 2018-03-28

Digital Marknadsföring och Strategi

Här är ett bra exempel på vad jag och mina kollegor arbetar med. 
Ibland komplexa projekt som detta med en hemsida samt en övergripande digital marknadsstrategi anpassat för olika marknader och länder i Europa. Projektet innebar också att leverera ett budskap för varumärket för olika kanaler som t.ex sociala medier men även via blogginlägg.

I vårt arbete med våra kunder använder vi oss av en sofistikerad forecasting-modell som är uppbyggd av bland annat Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Vi gör även en utvärdering och analys för önskat resultat baserat på den finansiella investeringen.

Sunsweet Europe and WSI

 Ann Slein, Sales & Marketing Director, Sunsweet. 


WSI Making a Difference Case Study Video: Sunsweet

Det här är ett exempel av flera i en serie av lyckade projekt som WSI dokumentat i videoform för att visa hur WSI har gjort skillnad för olika företag som vi jobbat tillsammans med. 

WSI Making a Difference: Sunsweet Case Study Video (full story) from WSI World on Vimeo.


The birthplace of the Sunsweet prune is the San Joaquin Valley. Read more about how it all started.

”For us WSI is a very valuable strategic partner”
Ann Slein,
Sales & Marketing Director, 


Resultat från våra kampanjer

Våra resultat har varit goda med bland annat 1,9 miljoner videovisningar och 1,5 miljoner besökare via hemsidor.

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IN n’OUT Client Case Study

Madelene - 2017-11-29

INn'OUT Car Service logo

WSI Making a Difference

It’s great when we help our clients boost their conversions or generate more leads. But it isn’t the numbers and percentages that drive us  – they’re important, don’t get us wrong, but we strive to make a difference in the lives of our clients. Whether it’s helping them generate enough revenue to expand to multiple locations, developing content to enable them to reach an entirely new type of customer, or mapping out a digital marketing strategy that delivers them an award-winning reputation, WSI is making a difference. We are the happiest when we positively impact the lives of our clients beyond their monthly KPI reports.

INn’OUT, offers a completely new approach to Car Service with centres across the UK.

The marketing and sales strategy included;

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Benchmarking Analysis
  • Development of a 12-Month Digital Marketing Plan
  • Growing online reputation
  • Content Marketing Plan
  • Search Campaigns

Our comprehensive strategy and implementation resulted in new leads and sales.

Need some proof? Check out the video below to see how one of our Digital Agency offices helped their client achieve a best-in-class reputation for the UK and has ultimately made a difference.

WSI Making a Difference: IN n’ OUT Client Case Study Video from WSI World on Vimeo.

Article originally posted at: https://www.wsiworld.com/our-clients/

For more case studies, please visit: https://www.wsiworld.com/our-clients/case-studies/


Case Study Sears Floor Covering Centre

Madelene - 2016-01-02

Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Campaign

Sears WSI Case Study


To assist Sears Floor Covering Centre gain business we developed a new internet marketing plan. We delivered  a consolidated internet marketing and social media marketing plan.

In our video below you can listen to Scott Newman and Steve Muschler, Owners of Sears Floor Covering Centre, on the challenges facing Sears Floor Covering Centre and the retail industry, what Sears did to overcome the challenges and the results they are seeing. The major challenge they were facing was to increase foot traffic to the store and awareness about Sears Floor Covering locations. 

WSI internet marketing plan for Sears Floor Covering Centre included a new website based on SEO friendly design, pay per click campaign, online coupons and promotions and permission based email marketing. With this SEO campaign from WSI, the visitors to the website increased considerably and online orders are being generated on a constant basis.


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