Executive Employment Lawyer Engages WSI For Web Development and SEO

Madelene - 2017-02-08

Robert Adelson, Esq., a well-known Boston business and contracts law attorney has engaged with WSI for SEO services for his executive employment law practice.  For over 20 years, Attorney Adelson has provided his clients with outstanding legal representation in areas of employment agreement, executive compensation, equity and separation matters. A frequent speaker and author, Rob has written numerous articles in the areas of employment agreements, non-competes and restrictive covenants, compensation, stock, stock options and executive equity terms. His articles have been published in The Culpepper Letter, Family BusinessBoston Business Journal, Genetic Engineering News and Mass High Tech: The Journal of New England Technology. In addition, Rob’s work as an executive employment attorney in Boston has been recognized in the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald and other publications.

Executive Employment Lawyer

The goal of the WSI engagement is lead generation. WSI conducted a careful analysis of the web presence and digital marketing activities performed by his previous marketing providers.  The results showed that he has a 12-page responsive website, a 70-page older non-mobile-friendly website, a free WordPress blog with hundreds of pages, a Findlaw profile and four highlights, and a monthly e-newsletter campaign that drives traffic to the WordPress blog. There was much duplicate content in these web properties and a strategy for content marketing, link building and driving website traffic was lacking.

WSI’s digital marketing solution involves first rebuilding the 70-page website into a responsive website that complies with Google’s mobile friendly standards. Responsive websites enjoy improved Google search results rankings. The pages on the 12 page website were then redirected to the new website, preserving the links. Duplicate content was cleaned up.

Next, we performed comprehensive keyword research on the subject of executive employment and selected specific keywords that were then mapped to the relevant pages of the website.  The keywords focus on what Attorney Adelson does, as well as what he is, i.e., executive employment lawyer. Then, employing advanced on-page optimization techniques, the pages were optimized for the selected keywords and their stems.  Here are several examples of keywords that have been optimized on the executiveemploymentattorney.com site:

Executive Compensation Lawyer

Non-Compete Agreement Attorney

Severance Agreement Lawyer

Lawyer for Wrongful Termination

With the on-page optimization complete, the SEO will now focus on improving the popularity of the new SEO pages through a comprehensive content marketing and local SEO program. This program will include registering the website in local business directories, posting on its Google+ page, writing new articles, posting Rob’s speaker slides on Slideshare, and increasing his positive customer reviews. In addition, monthly blog posts will be written and syndicated to blogs established on the popular blogging platforms Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, and Weebly. Monthly newsletters will include landing pages on the website to drive traffic to the website.

Each month of the SEO implementation will be monitored and carefully tracked.  Key metrics that will be measured each month include links, rankings, organic visits and leads from organic visitors. We expect to achieve significantly increased lead generation rates from these SEO efforts.

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3 Tips on Lead Gen for Plumbers & Contractors Using Content Marketing

Madelene - 2015-10-24

What is your business objective?

When I ask small business owners what their business objective is I almost always get the same answer, “Get the phone to ring.”  One of the most effective ways we do it is by driving highly targeted traffic to their web site with content that answers questions and solves problems.

PST Plumbers


Content marketing can provide a great ROI

Content marketing is something that can provide a great return on investment and be cost effective enough that some small business owners like plumbers, roofers and general contractors have built their entire online sales and marketing strategy around it.

There’s really no secret sauce when it comes to content marketing—produce valuable content and get it out there! Here are a few tips on how to create an effective content marketing strategy and increase sales for your business:

  1. Show Them How It’s Done. Often people start out trying to solve a problem like fixing a leaky pipe on their own before they decide to hire a pro. Even if they don’t want to do it themselves they may do some online research to become more knowledgeable before they hire someone. They will search online for “How To’s”, “Tips” and “DIY” blogs and YouTube videos to answer their questions. So for our client who is a plumber in Fort Lauderdale we developed a blog offering Tips On Toilet Repair. For a contractor in Pompano Beach we created one that offered tips on Bathroom Remodeling. You might think, “Wait, I don’t want to teach them to do it themselves I want them to hire me!” In many cases once the customer sees how hard it is to do they will decide to hire a pro and at that point you are top of mind. Even if they don’t hire you then and there you’ve established trust, brand recognition and shown your knowledge for the next time they have a job.

  2. Encourage Social Sharing. Our Facebook fans or twitter followers can be the greatest ambassadors for our business. Encourage them to share your blogs and videos with their friends, family and coworkers. Be sure to post a link to any new blog post to all of your relevant social media accounts especially Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Make sure there are social sharing buttons that allow readers to easily e-mail, tweet or post your blog with just one click.

  3. Mix it up. Different people consume different content in different ways. It isn’t enough to have a blog. You need to have videos as well. There are now inexpensive software platforms like Content Samurai that make it easier to repurpose your blogs into YouTube videos that you can post on your site and share on social. Take a look at how we took a blog we created on How To Choose a Plumber and repurposed it into a YouTube Video.

Content marketing has become an essential component to the internet marketing strategy of just about any business large or small.  At WSI Online Solutions we’ve had great success using it to help our South Florida small business owners increase leads and sales.

This post originally appeared here: http://www.wsi-onlinesolutions.com/3-tips-on-generating-leads-for-plumbers-and-contractors-through-content-marketing
Author: Vin DeCrescenzo.

AvaDent Digital Dentures Hires WSI to Enhance Its Online Presence

Madelene - 2015-05-08

AvaDent by Global Dental Science, the creator of the breakthrough AvaDent digital dentures utilizing state of the art CAE/CAD/CAM  technology, has retained WSI to enhance its online presence. 

AvaDent is the world’s only high tech, computer designed and manufactured denture and makes it possible for dental lab owners, denturists, dentists and prosthodontists to provide denture wearers a premium, natutral looking denture with a computer-precision fit never before possible – all in as little as two appointments.

AvaDent Digital Dentures breakthrough digital dental technology

 AvaDent Digital Dentures breakthrough digital dental technology

A leader in the field of digital dentistry

AvaDent, a leader in the field of digital dentistry, is at the forefront of the newest developments in dental laboratory technology and cad cam dentistry. AvaDent’s denture design dental software is the only company  able to create completely digital removable prosthetics.

Advanced digital marketing strategies

In adddition to a brand new website, WSI will be employing several advanced digital marketing strategies, including its proprietary Adaptive Search Engine Optimization (ASEO) and content marketing process to bring increasing amounts of qualified traffic to the AvaDent brand.

Analysis and organic link building

Preliminary analysis indicates that organic entrances through the pages optimized to date have already increased since implementation.  For the balance of the year, additional off page optimization including blog posts at Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger as well as Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube posts and organic link building will likely accelerate these trends.

This post originally appeared on this WSI blog: http://www.wsidigitalwiz.com/avadent-digital-dentures-hires-wsi-to-enhance-its-online-presence/

Montessori School of Fremont enlists WSI to Increase Enrollment

Madelene - 2015-04-15

Montessori West is a family of 11 authentic Montessori Schools located in the Bay Area. There are many interpretations of Montessori teaching, but Montessori West prides itself on a curriculum based on authentic Montessori method and philosophies.

WSI partners with Montessori

PPC Campaign 

The owners of Montessori West initially enlisted the help of digital marketing firm WSI Connect to promote its newest school, Montessori School of Pleasanton, which opened in 2014. WSI created a PPC campaign in order to increase traffic for their website and ultimately increase the number of prospective families scheduling a tour of their facility.

Based on the tremendous success with that school, Montessori West is entrusting WSI with a family of six schools under the Montessori Schools of Fremont umbrella. These schools are:

Content Marketing Campaign 

Along with Montessori of Pleasanton, these six schools will be the subject of a robust content marketing campaign with an editorial calendar already mapped out six months in advance. This content will be shared on sites like Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger.

Montessori West has a strong lineup of authentic Montessori schools and WSI is committed to getting the word out to the public and encouraging more prospective families to schedule a tour.

This blog was originally posted on the WSI Connect blog at:  http://info.wsi-connect.com/blog/montessori-school-of-fremont-enlists-wsi-connect-to-increase-enrollment

5 Key Components for Building Better Brand Authority

Madelene - 2015-03-26

Reputation is power and it’s extremely important that businesses know how to influence and project a credible brand image online. We have 5 invaluable strategies that’ll help any team build positive brand authority and crediblity for their business.

Check out our short video with the 5 key components relating to brand authority. Examples of a digital marketing strategy that you will see more of in the future is video marketing – online video with personality – or what we call personalised marketing. You are using personalised driven data to build your brand authority and awareness.

And, yes, content is still king! Content marketing is essential and if you are using a lot of different content in different social media channels and websites, then don’t forget to develop a content marketing plan.


5 Key Components for Building Better Brand Authority from WSI World on Vimeo.

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2015

Madelene - 2015-01-03


This video is part of the WSI Digital Marketing Video Series and will guide you and help you to learn more about digital marketing. In this video you will learn more about the 5 digital trends to look out for and keep in mind for 2015.

A key factor in gaining the advantage over your competitors is to identify significant Digital Marketing trends – then use those trends to take steps to improve your buyer’s experience, and increase their engagement.

Get your site mobile friendly

Don’t forget to get your website mobile friendly. Your customers are using mobile devices to check your products, services, offers and contact details. Let them get that information in a userfriendly way and let them choose the device of their choice. 


Here is the summary of this video – digital marketing trends:

  1. Marketing becomes everyone’s job
  2. Content is still king – as long as it’s SMART content
  3. Customer experience is more important than sales pitches
  4. Human conversations overpowers corporate messages
  5. Be mobile ready or be left behind

Watch the video and learn more about these important digital marketing trends.

Top 3 Digital Resolutions for 2015

Madelene -



1. Marketing and Sales departments should unite in order to show great results.

Traditionally these two teams haven’t seen eye to eye. But companies who have resolved this issue have seen an astounding 20 % increase in yearly revenue!

2. Evolve your customer experience across digital touch points.

The rise of technologies like micro-location, mobile payments, and wearables like Google Glass and smartwatches means companies will have to adopt and adjust their digital marketing initiatives accordingly.

3. Focus less on curating, and more on creating.

The focus will be more on creating original, one-of-a-kind content. Make sure this is part of your digital strategy for 2015.

Please include attribution to wsiworld.com with this graphic.

3 Ways To Ring In The New Year...Digitally!

Use Content Marketing to Attract New Customers

Madelene - 2014-12-03

Content Marketing is becoming more and more important as an ingredient in your digital marketing strategy.

Publishing a constant flow of new content is no longer just a nice idea for businesses to demonstrate their expertise; it has become a vital online marketing activity for improving search engine rankings, driving website traffic and nurturing existing leads.

In your digital marketing plan you also should consider your strategy for content marketing.

Some of the things you may consider – as shown in this video – are the following:

  1. Identify your USP (Unique Selling Point)
  2. Identify your Audience
  3. Map the Buying Circle
  4. Map specific Ideas
  5. Use a Content Calendar

Watch this video to learn five tried and tested best practice content marketing techniques.

Attracting New Customers with Content Marketing from WSI World on Vimeo.

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