Commercial Concrete Pumping Company Retains WSI Connect for a Fifth Year of Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services

Madelene - 2017-12-09

The Conco Companies

The Conco Companies are one of the USA’s largest commercial concrete contractors, and holders of the Guinness World Book of Records record for the largest continuous concrete mat pour, on the Wilshire Grand in LA.

WSI Connect is affiliated with the WSI Digital Marketing Network, one of the largest digital marketing networks in the world, with over 800 offices in 81 countries.

Given the strength of our respective organizations, it is only fitting that WSI Connect and Conco have agreed to strengthen a mutually beneficial partnership that has dramatically improved Conco’s online presence and lead generation. Since Conco engaged WSI in 2013, traffic to their web site has increased by 185% and leads have increased by 10 fold.

Over the next 12 months one of the primary focus areas will be Conco’s brand of cellular concrete called ConfoamTM.. This product is dramatically lighter than traditional concrete mixture because it has an agent in the mixture that expands creating bubbles in the finished product. The following SEO pages have been optimized to rank for keywords related to this new initiative.

In addition, Conco will be expanding its presence in the booming Portland Oregon market. WSI will be supporting this expansion with the content additions and optimizations below.

Conco and WSI Connect are looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship for many years to come.

This blog was originally posted at:  https://wsiconnect.com/blog/conco-companies-retain-wsi-connect-fifth-year-comprehensive-digital-marketing-services/

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Lighting Maintenance Services Company selects WSI for New Website and SEO

Madelene - 2017-12-04

Lighting Maintenance Service

PKK Lighting Inc., a Madison, WI lighting maintenance services company, has engaged WSI to help the company improve its’ online presence, its’ search engine results and grow the number of new leads and new customers via a new website and a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) initiative. 

PKK Lighting has been installing and maintaining commercial lighting systems at businesses and organizations in Wisconsin and the upper Midwest since 1970.  PKK also sells light bulbs to companies and collects materials to be recycled, like light bulbs, TV’s, computers, and other electronics in order to keep them out of our local landfills.

In June, 2017 WSI was engaged to begin the new website and the SEO project.  The mobile responsive website, https://www.pkklighting.com, built on the WordPress platform, was launched on November 1, 2017.  The website includes a blog to allow PKK Lighting to keep current and prospective customers up-to-date about trends in the rapidly changing industry.  PKK will share those blog posts on 3 public blogging sites, WordPress.com, Tumblr.com, and Blogspot.com.

For the SEO project, WSI started with keyword research to identify potential keywords with sufficient search activity and that are important to the company.  From there, WSI and PKK Lighting selected the 10 keywords we felt would be the most successful for driving organic visitors to the website.

For each of the 10 keywords we added or optimized a page on the new website.  Each of the 10 optimized pages is designed to rank for the selected keywords.  The following pages and primary keywords are covered in this phase of the implementation:

  1. LED Lighting Installation Companies – https://www.pkklighting.com/lighting-services/led-lighting-installation-companies
  2. LED Commercial Light Fixtures – https://www.pkklighting.com/lighting-services/led-commercial-light-fixtures
  3. LED Parking Lot Pole Lights – https://www.pkklighting.com/lighting-services/led-parking-lot-pole-lights
  4. Parking Lot Pole Light Maintenance – https://www.pkklighting.com/lighting-services/led-parking-lot-pole-lights/parking-lot-pole-light-maintenance/
  5. LED Commercial Outdoor Lighting – https://www.pkklighting.com/lighting-services/led-commercial-outdoor-lighting
  6. LED Street Light Fixtures – https://www.pkklighting.com/lighting-services/led-street-light-fixtures
  7. LED Emergency Exit Lights – https://www.pkklighting.com/lighting-services/led-emergency-exit-lights
  8. Lighting Maintenance Services Company – https://www.pkklighting.com/lighting-services/lighting-maintenance-services-company
  9. Light Bulb Sales – https://www.pkklighting.com/led-bulb-sales/
  10. Light Bulb Recycling – https://www.pkklighting.com/light-bulb-recycling/

The SEO keywords have been added into the comprehensive tracking program such that we can track the results of our SEO initiative. WSI will measure the inbound links to the website, the search engine rankings for the 10 SEO keywords, organic traffic to the 10 new SEO pages, and forms submitted from organic visitors.

This post was originally published at https://www.wsippcseo.com/pkk-lighting-selects-wsi-seo-website/.

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Amstan Logistics chooses WSI for a New Digital Presence: Website and SEO

Madelene - 2017-10-13

Amstan Logistics logo   

Amstan Logistics Inc. of Hamilton, Ohio has delivered American products, goods and personal belongings around the globe.  In fact, they have been managing the delivery of American Standard’s products for decades.  They also offer logistics solutions to other growing companies.  Very simply, Amstan is a full service logistics service to any sized transportation need between any two points with experience and technology for the lowest cost.  Their new website uses the domain of www.Amstan.com.  Three main customer personas are targeted; Logistics Managers, Operations Managers and C-Level Executives each with different needs within the supply chain management.  Amstan Logistics rewards companies with risk and cost containment within the supply chain for improved business results.

WSI delivered a WordPress website and is executing an SEO campaign.  The goal of both is to cultivate lead generation and share Amstan’s expertise at using technology to deliver logistics excellence within the supply chain. 

The SEO implementation is focusing on their core competencies:

Third Party Logistics Provider |Logistics Company |Transport Companies


Flatbed Trucking Companies in the USA | Amstan Logistics


Less Than Load (LTL) Shipping with Tracking in the USA with Amstan


Freight Management Logistics Services in the USA | Amstan Logistics


Customized tracking of key performance indicators will continue as WSI will measure links to the new SEO pages, rankings on the keywords, organic entrances pages, as well as leads from organic visitors. Lead tracking includes form submissions, as well as phone calls from organic visitors. With this approach, we can see all the elements which lead to the clients end goal: satisfying more customers with their supply chain management and logistics solutions to improve their bottom line.

This marketing strategy includes directory listing optimization and high quality content syndication with link building to Tumblr, WordPress, Weebly, and Blogger.

WSI’s Global Resources Benefit Local Businesses

WSI is the world’s largest network of Digital Marketing Consultants, 80 countries and all US states. WSI has helped thousands of small and medium-sized businesses realize their online marketing potential. By using innovative Internet technologies and advanced digital marketing tactics, businesses can have a WSI Digital Marketing Strategy tailored to their individual needs and budget to elevate their digital presence and business growth.  In 2017, WSI consultants received 7 Awards at the Annual WebAwards organized by the Web Marketing Association (WMA), bringing their total WMA Award tally to 75. 

To learn more contact BraveWeb, LLC a WSI firm today.

This post originally appeared:  https://www.wsiworld.com/nicholasgantenberg/2017/10/10/amstan-logistics-chooses-wsi-new-digital-presence-website-seo/

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Imperial Mortgage & Real Estate Services Engages WSI for SEO

Madelene - 2017-09-27

Imperial Mortgage & Real Estate Services, a local independent realtor and mortgage broker, has engaged WSI to implement an SEO program to promote their knowledge and services in the Placer County, Sacramento County, and Nevada County areas. The goal of the engagement is to improve their online presence through optimized and engaging content, thus improving search ranking and lead generation.

WSI has begun the process by optimizing the 4 key services for Imperial Mortgage & Real Estate Services:

Real Estate

Homes for Sale

Home Loans

Reverse Mortgages

The optimization considered search behavior of a variety of target personas, from first-time homeowners to aging seniors who are downsizing for retirement.

In addition to onsite page optimizations, WSI is also be providing monthly content marketing to support Imperial Mortgage & Real Estate Services News Blog and Social sites.

Imperial News Blog






Tracking has begun and the website is performance has been accurately benchmarked. Activity is beginning to increase with the addition of quality content. WSI is excited to be part of the growth of Imperial Mortgage & Real Estate Services.

This post originally appeared: http://www.wsicybersmart.com/imperial-mortgage-real-estate-services-engages-wsi-seo/

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5 tips för att förstå och förbättra din kunds köpcykel

Madelene - 2015-10-31

Ha en klar målsättning för företagets hemsida

  • Så att du kan förbättra försäljningen genom att använda webbanalyser, digitala sälj- och marknadsföringsanalyser samt konkurrentanalyser.

Affärsmål och definition av målgrupper               

1. Identifiera dina bästa trafikkällor

Kanske har du många besökare på din hemsida varje dag, vecka eller månad men oavsett hur många besökare du har och oavsett var de kommer ifrån, så kommer vissa besökare att vara viktigare än andra.

Använd analyserna för att segmentera din publik och din målgrupp.

     WSI Digitala Konkurrentanalys


2. Förstå dina  kunders beteende

Ju mer du vet om dina kunder, desto bättre. Vad vill de ha och vad behöver de?

Du kommer att förstå dem bättre och ge dem bättre kundservice.

Använd informationen som du får fram från analyserna för att skapa en mer personlig (och effektiv) kund upplevelse.

Släng inte din sälj- och marknadsföringsbudget i toaletten! Se till så att du använder din investering på rätt sätt för att generera fler leads och få fler kunder.


Använd inte din sälj- och marknadsföringsbudget på fel sätt

3. Förbättra konverteringen

  • Hur får kunderna kontakt med dig?
  • Kommer de från sociala medier och/eller via digital
  • annonsering?
  • Hur blir besökaren kund?

Det som du kanske tror initialt är ett problem med en trafikkälla kan faktiskt vara  ett konverteringsproblem.


Landningssidor för bättre konvertering

4. Förbättra landningssidor

Om du inte analyserar, följer upp och förbättrar dina kampanjspecifika landningssidor så använder du dem inte till full potential.

Det finns många sätt att förbättra en landningssida , beroende målgrupp och resultat.

5. Gör det personligt

  • Digital marknadsföring och försäljning handlar om dina kunder.
  • Se till så att dina kunder vet att det handlar om dem genom att förstå vilka de är och deras preferenser.

Dina kunder kommer att belöna dig för att du gör saker personligt och ger dem bra och extra service.

Kontakta oss gärna för mer info – lämna dina kontaktuppgifter – eller mejla till: info@wsiwebanalys.se. Vi hjälper till med:

  • Webbanalyser
  • Digitala säljoch marknadsföringsanalyser
  • Konkurrentanalyser

Vi hjälper dig också med att förstå analyserna och rapporterna samt implementering av landningssidor och personlig konvertering. Se till att få avkastning på din investering och öka din försäljning samt generera fler leads – gör din hemsida till en bra och effektiv sälj- och marknadsföringskanal.

Digital Konkurrentanalys


Vi kan även hjälpa dig att göra en bedömning eller ge dig mer information om social selling – även där finns många möjligheter för att förkorta din säljprocess samt generera fler leads.



Not meeting your lead quotas?


WSI Digital Marketing Solution Providers WSI Celebrates 20 Years of Digital Marketing Success

5 tips för att förstå och förbättra din kunds köpcykel from WSI WebAnalys

3 Tips on Lead Gen for Plumbers & Contractors Using Content Marketing

Madelene - 2015-10-24

What is your business objective?

When I ask small business owners what their business objective is I almost always get the same answer, “Get the phone to ring.”  One of the most effective ways we do it is by driving highly targeted traffic to their web site with content that answers questions and solves problems.

PST Plumbers


Content marketing can provide a great ROI

Content marketing is something that can provide a great return on investment and be cost effective enough that some small business owners like plumbers, roofers and general contractors have built their entire online sales and marketing strategy around it.

There’s really no secret sauce when it comes to content marketing—produce valuable content and get it out there! Here are a few tips on how to create an effective content marketing strategy and increase sales for your business:

  1. Show Them How It’s Done. Often people start out trying to solve a problem like fixing a leaky pipe on their own before they decide to hire a pro. Even if they don’t want to do it themselves they may do some online research to become more knowledgeable before they hire someone. They will search online for “How To’s”, “Tips” and “DIY” blogs and YouTube videos to answer their questions. So for our client who is a plumber in Fort Lauderdale we developed a blog offering Tips On Toilet Repair. For a contractor in Pompano Beach we created one that offered tips on Bathroom Remodeling. You might think, “Wait, I don’t want to teach them to do it themselves I want them to hire me!” In many cases once the customer sees how hard it is to do they will decide to hire a pro and at that point you are top of mind. Even if they don’t hire you then and there you’ve established trust, brand recognition and shown your knowledge for the next time they have a job.

  2. Encourage Social Sharing. Our Facebook fans or twitter followers can be the greatest ambassadors for our business. Encourage them to share your blogs and videos with their friends, family and coworkers. Be sure to post a link to any new blog post to all of your relevant social media accounts especially Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Make sure there are social sharing buttons that allow readers to easily e-mail, tweet or post your blog with just one click.

  3. Mix it up. Different people consume different content in different ways. It isn’t enough to have a blog. You need to have videos as well. There are now inexpensive software platforms like Content Samurai that make it easier to repurpose your blogs into YouTube videos that you can post on your site and share on social. Take a look at how we took a blog we created on How To Choose a Plumber and repurposed it into a YouTube Video.

Content marketing has become an essential component to the internet marketing strategy of just about any business large or small.  At WSI Online Solutions we’ve had great success using it to help our South Florida small business owners increase leads and sales.

This post originally appeared here: http://www.wsi-onlinesolutions.com/3-tips-on-generating-leads-for-plumbers-and-contractors-through-content-marketing
Author: Vin DeCrescenzo.

Förbättra målgruppsinriktad lead generation

Madelene - 2015-05-30

Digital marknadsföring är en viktig del av framtiden och online lead generation likaså. Det finns miljontals konsumenter och kunder där ute och kanske endast en bråkdel är intresserade av just dina produkter. En del företag har inte riktigt koll på sina målgrupper, vilket är ett stort misstag. Hur ska man t.ex definiera en liten publik som har ett intresse, högre än genomsnittet, för dina erbjudanden, tjänster och produkter?

Fyra sätt som du kan använda dig av för din digitala marknadsstrategi samt förbättra din målgruppsinriktade lead generation är följande:

  1. Pay-per-click (online annonsering) och Adwords annonsering
  2. Fokusera med Micro Targeting
  3. Använd dig av Retargeting
  4. Zooma in med Location Targeting

Lär dig mer och titta på vår video.



WSI Implements Local SEO for BC West Building Company LLC in Connecticut

Madelene - 2015-03-16


Experienced builder in the field of new home construction 

BC West Building Company, LLC has over 10 years of experience in the field of new home construction, light commercial, high-end unique home and office renovations, and exquisite carpentry and trim work.  Their focus on attention to detail and providing highly customized services is the mission of the company. BC West Building Company serves Connecticut with emphasis on Litchfield County and the Farmington Valley.


WSI was retained to design and build a new website, increase leads and conversion

WSI was retained by BC West Building Company, LLC to design and build their new website, to increase their leads with local search engine optimization strategies, and to convert leads to customers with optimized SEO landing pages. The architecture of the new site was optimized for researched and defined personas. Once the site launched, on page SEO was started with extensive keyword research and eight new SEO pages were created for a total of 36 new web pages. Examples of a few of the SEO optimized pages are shown below:





The eight new SEO web pages were published on the website and the technical audit of these pages was completed to make sure all required SEO elements for the best possible optimization is correct. In addition, all web pages have the fundamental SEO in place including unique meta descriptions and relevant page titles. Now we are beginning the off page phase of the project.  Our process includes setting up a review account with Customer Lobby to get high-quality customer reviews and the reviews will be syndicated to other sites. WSI copywriters will be writing relevant posts for the blog accounts created at Tumblr, Blogger and WordPress. In addition, local social business pages (Google + Business, Facebook Business, LinkedIn Business), will be claimed, verified and fully completed with information about the company and local office in Collinsville, Connecticut. In addition, citation building with high quality directories such as Houzz will be part of the off page strategy. 


WSI will set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Each month, WSI will be analyzing the progress made on the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the SEO on page and off page implementation. These KPIs include the number of links to the eight new SEO pages, the rankings of these pages, the number of organic visitors to these pages, and the number of conversions. Monthly reporting will be conducted with the owners of the BC West Building Company, LLC to keep them informed of the progress we are making.

WSI stands for ‘We Simplify the Internet’ and is the global leader in digital marketing with over 1,000 digital marketing consultants in over 80 countries.  On average, there are over two billion searches done on Google daily.  Consumers are using the results in search engines to help them make informed purchasing decisions in every industry.  If you aren’t ranking on the first page for your specific keywords, you are probably missing out on significant traffic to your site and ultimately customers.  WSI would be happy to discuss your goals, or do an analysis of your current marketing activities. 

This post originally appeared on this WSI blog: 


Använd LinkedIn på ett mer effektivt sätt

Madelene - 2015-03-12

Använder du LinkedIn för att hitta potentiella kunder?
Vill du använda LinkedIn på ett mer effektivt sätt? 

LinkedIn är ett väldigt bra socialt professionellt nätverk där både små, medelstora och stora företag hittar nya kontakter och även synliggör sitt varumärke.

För att få bästa affärsnyttan med LinkedIn så är det viktigt att förstå varför och hur man använder det på smartaste sätt, skillnaden mellan första- och andrahandskontakter, vad man skall tänka på när man uppdaterar sin profil och hur man ser sina framsteg via t.ex användbar statistik.

Slarva inte med din personliga profil

Ha inte en ofullständig profil, d.v.s utan profilbild, utan kontaktinformation, utan sammanfattning. Vanligtvis när man besöker en profil så vill man se hur personen ser ut, vem man eventuellt kommer att kommunicera med. Har du t.ex inte med ditt telefonnummer eller mejladress så kan ju bara personen kontakta dig via LinkedIn men ej ringa eller mejla.

Connect on LinkedIn

Person to Person (P2P)

Det räcker inte med att bara lägga upp den viktigaste informationen om dig själv i din profil. För att bygga upp ditt nätverk och få fler kontakter behöver du skapa och upprätthålla relationer med människor. Även om man brukar prata om B2C eller B2B, så är det framför allt P2P (Person to Person) som gäller. Oavsett om du kommunicerar med potentiella kunder på möten, i olika nätverkssammanhang, på konferenser, mässor eller via sociala medier då du sitter framför din dator, surfplatta eller mobil – så gör vi affärer med människor och inte med företag, d.v.s vi vill slutligen ha en personlig kontakt.

Skapa relationer och hjälp andra människor med t.ex nya kontakter

Hjälp andra människor och låt dem hjälpa dig. Det kan vara att tipsa om något event, ge värdefull information, ge en rekommendation eller intyga en kompetens. 
Det kan också vara så att en förstahandskontakt kan introducera dig för en andrahandskontakt.

Quote from Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn: ”Help the people in your network. And let them help you.”


Ett bra sätt att börja nätverka på LinkedIn är att gå med i olika grupper. Där har du möjlighet att ställa frågor, kommentera, samt svara på frågor. Gör en sökning på grupper och gå med i de grupper där det finns gemensamma intressen. Många gör dock misstaget att bara gå med i grupper i den bransch som man verkar i.

Dela information

Det är också alltid bra att vara aktiv och dela med sig av sin kunskap, tips m.m. Du kan dela din information på din statusrad men även direkt i de grupper där du är medlem. Du kan också välja att dela något intressant, t.ex en artikel, direkt till bara en person i ditt nätverk.

Även om du använder LinkedIn relativt ofta, kan det vara en hel del saker som du missar.
Gör en checklista och fundera på hur du kan förbättra din närvaro, din personliga profil och ditt varumärke på LinkedIn:

  • Vilken slags information ska man lägga upp på sin statusrad?
  • Vem ser mina uppdateringar?
  • Hur kan jag göra det på ett smartare sätt?
  • Ska jag posta samma information på LinkedIn som på Twitter?
  • Kan jag lägga in länkar, och var gör jag det?
  • Ska vårt företag ha en företagssida?
  • Hur kan jag dra nytta av andras företagssidor?

Vill du veta mer?

Välkommen till någon av våra workshops i LinkedIn:

Gävle 15/4 –  kl.17.30 (denna gång på kvällstid)
Uppsala den 23/4 –  kl.13.00
Stockholm  (kontakta oss för nytt datum)
Sundsvall/Härnösand  (kontakta oss för nytt datum)

Det brukar komma upp en hel del frågor på våra workshops och vi uppmuntrar detta på våra utbildningar och workshops. Vill du få en bra inblick i hur du kan förbättra din profil och affärsnyttan med LinkedIn så är detta en workshop för dig.

Vi vill också att du ska få med dig bra information och tips så att du kan jobba vidare efter kursen med en bättre förståelse och kunna sätta igång med att skaffa nya kontakter på allvar! Allt det som vi går igenom på vår workshop får du sedan via din epost som en PDF-fil så att du kan repetera och återkoppla när du vill efter kursen.

Social Selling Mastery Course

Utbildning i Social Selling – Mastery Course Certification

Social selling för säljchefer och säljare

  • Avancerad utbildning i LinkedIn
  • Processen – time management, verktyg, lead generation management
  • ROI – uppföljning, resultat, sales quota

Den moderna säljutbildningen – dina kunder finns på sociala medier

För dig som är säljchef eller säljare har vi också en mer avancerad utbildning i social selling (kallas även social försäljning). Efter kursen får du en certifiering och får också med dig många användbara verktyg som kommer att underlätta ditt arbete med lead generation. Där ingår även kursmaterial och genomgångar online (www.socialsellingeducation.com). Utbildningarna är öppna eller företagsanpassade för säljteam eller säljavdelningar.

Vi håller även föreläsningar i social selling – kontakta oss gärna för mer information. Vi håller öppna föreläsningar men kan även presentera och föreläsa på olika företag.

Tumblebees Ultimate Gym Partners with WSI for Additional SEO Services

Madelene -

Tumblebees Sports Training Facility and Professional Coaching for Children

Since 1986, Tumblebees Ultimate Gym has been committed to helping over 35,000 children develop their physical aptitude, fitness, sport and life skills. The Tumblebees sports training facility and their professional coaches offer instruction to all ages of children – from beginners to world-class athletes, competing in International competition. Originally a developmental gymnastics academy, Tumblebees Ultimate Gym now also offers recreational and competitive programs in tumbling and trampoline, cheerleading, diving, dance, karate and rock climbing, in its Greensboro locations.

 Tumblebees Ultimate Gym

Increasing Traffic and Leads

WSI was retained by Tumblebees Ultimate Gym in January of last year to optimize their website and increase traffic and leads from parents of young children who desired a structured and fun, fitness development program.  Once keyword research for all sports disciplines was exhausted, 19 keywords were selected and nine pages on the site were optimized and additional content was provided. 

First Page Rankings

Within six months, 9 keywords had first page rankings and 3 keywords had second page rankings. By year-end, the number of sessions and traffic on the site had increased by 40% and the pages viewed had increased by 61%. 

Tumblebee Gym

Content Calender and Digital Marketing Plan

This year, the digital marketing plan will include an increased budget, persona research to better understand their potential client and creation and syndication of relevant content to several social sites, including a little used Google+ page. With the help of a content calendar, regular posts will be made to the social accounts and also to new blog accounts on Blogger and Tumblr. Citation building will also be a vital part of the off page optimization strategy to drive traffic and build links to their Tumblebees.com site.

Stay Connected

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