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Madelene - 2017-10-04

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The Lumber Baron offers a variety of reclaimed lumber types – redwood, cedar, Douglas fir, and hardwood – available for purchase as is or freshly milled.  The Lumber Baron has been in business since 1978 and is family owned and operated in the San Francisco Bay area.

In August, WSI was selected to implement a new SEO plan that included keyword research and creating new pages on their website directed at the top keywords.  WSI focused on 5 keywords to increase The Lumber Baron’s rankings:

  1. Cedar Lumber for Sale – https://www.thelumberbaron.com/cedar-lumber-sale/
  2. Reclaimed Lumber for Sale – https://www.thelumberbaron.com/redwood-lumber-sale/
  3. Reclaimed Hardwoods for Sale – https://www.thelumberbaron.com/reclaimed-hardwoods-sale/
  4. Reclaimed Douglas Fir for Sale – https://www.thelumberbaron.com/reclaimed-douglas-fir-for-sale/
  5. Reclaimed Redwood for Sale – https://www.thelumberbaron.com/reclaimed-redwood-sale-2/

The Lumber Baron Logo
These new pages contain links to other pages on the site, thereby increasing the time visitors spend on the site and the number of pages they visit.  Through Google Analytics, these metrics, as well as keyword integration, will continue to be monitored and tracked.

Additionally, WSI was tasked with increasing their online presence through social media and content marketing.  We have also created offsite blogs for The Lumber Baron on WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr to help expand their brand and build greater awareness for their products.

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