Platypus Wine Tours Selects WSI as Digital Marketing Partner

Madelene - 2018-05-16

Platypus Wine Tours, a leading wine tour company located in Napa Valley and Sonoma in California, has partnered with WSI to perform a wide range of digital marketing services, including Search Engine Optimization, Digital Advertising, Social Media Management and Marketing Automation.

Platypus Wine Tours is a wine tour company specializing in intimate, unforgettable tours to Napa Valley and Sonoma wineries. With their team of passionate and very experienced tour guides and support staff, they are specializing in tours of Napa Valley  and Sonoma Valley wineries, as well as other magnificent local wine regions, such as St. Helena and Calistoga, Healdsburg, Russian River, Dry Creek, West Side and Alexander Valley.

The company conducts daily shuttle bus tours to join (Join-in Tours), and also private tours, with dedicated drivers/guides and a non-shared vehicle (Private Wine Tours). The following wine tour options are offered by Platypus Wine Tours:

As part of the WSI SEO program, content is created and posted on a variety of platforms including, WordPress.comBlogger, Weebly and Tumblr. The content is also being posted on the website’s blog and on the company’s social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The SEO campaign will be monitored and carefully tracked to document the progress made and to adjust the different SEO tactics with the goal to maximize online lead generation and bookings. Key metrics that will be measured include rankings, links, website visits and online bookings for the different tour options.

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Marketing Automation with WSI

Madelene - 2017-11-16

Why do you need Marketing Automation?

If you use a Marketing Automation platform you will be able to engage your leads at so called ”critical points”. Your leads and customers have unique buying journeys and you need to get in contact with them when they are looking for more information or new information. You can help them in their buying journey by creating targeted messages.

You can also use the great tool called ”lead scoring” which is based on engagement, page tracking, and more. With all these tools available to you, you will be able to convert leads into sales.

Dynamic Forms

You can also create dynamic forms for your leads to fill in. Some dynamic forms will also autocomplete fields for those visitors that are known and have actually visited your site earlier.

Dynamic Form example SharpSpring 
Image from SharpSpring – Example of a Dynamic Form

Those are just a few of all the tools available in most of the Marketing Automation Platforms available in the market. If you need help to evaluate the platforms or evaluate if this is something useful for your company, contact us for more information and consulting. We offer marketing automation services in Sweden with HubSpot platform or SharpSpring platform and we will help you with implementation, digital marketing strategy, work flows and consulting.

Need to know more?

WSI has put together an informational video on Marketing Automation – you can view it below.

The ultimate goal for your online marketing is to generate more leads and convert them into paying customers. A good marketing automation solution can multiply your effectiveness to attract more website visits, and nurture your leads through their entire buying process.

Here are five ways to target, personalize and automate your marketing messages across multiple channels.

Growing Leads and Sales with Marketing Automation

WSI Global Partners – SharpSpring and Hubspot. 

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