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Madelene - 2018-06-14

WSI Digital Marketing has recently launched SEO efforts for Softland Chile.

Softland is a leader company on software solutions area for business management which was born in 1982. It has presence in Latin America.

It offers ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management systems  for small, medium and large businesses. It develops computer programs for businesses & SMEs administration helping companies to take advantage of information technologies, simplifying all their business processes.

WSI Digital Marketing has been hired by Softland Chile to implement SEO, covering 25 keywords for its website. The following keywords and pages are covered in this phase of the implementation:  

sistema erp     http://www.softland.cl/ 
sistema de gestion integrado   http://www.softland.cl/sistema-de-gestion-integrado/
software punto de venta         http://www.softland.cl/software-punto-de-venta 
software contable                     http://www.softland.cl/software-contable 
software de contabilidad        http://www.softland.cl/software-de-contabilidad 
programas de contabilidad    http://www.softland.cl/programas-de-contabilidad/ 
software de gestion                  http://www.softland.cl/software-de-gestion/ 
sistema de remuneraciones   http://www.softland.cl/sistema-de-remuneraciones/ 
sistema de contabilidad          http://www.softland.cl/sistema-de-contabilidad 
crm software                             http://www.softland.cl/crm-software/ 
software de remuneraciones   http://www.softland.cl/software-de-remuneraciones/ 
programas contables                http://www.softland.cl/programas-contables/ 
software facturacion electronica   http://www.softland.cl/software-facturacion-electronica/ 
sistemas de produccion          http://www.softland.cl/sistemas-de-produccion/  
sistema de control de inventarios    http://www.softland.cl/sistema-de-control-de-inventarios/ 
sistema de facturacion electronica  http://www.softland.cl/sistema-de-facturacion-electronica/ 
software administrativo        http://www.softland.cl/software-administrativo/  
sistema administrativo          http://www.softland.cl/sistema-administrativo/ 
programa de inventario         http://www.softland.cl/programa-de-inventario/ 
sistema punto de venta          http://www.softland.cl/sistema-punto-de-venta/  
programas de gestion             http://www.softland.cl/programas-de-gestion/  
programa de remuneraciones    http://www.softland.cl/programa-de-remuneraciones/ 
sistema de administracion     http://www.softland.cl/sistema-de-administracion/  
programa erp       http://www.softland.cl/programa-erp/ 
sistema de recursos humanos     http://www.softland.cl/sistema-de-recursos-humanos/

Softland logo

With the SEO optimized pages now up on the site the off page optimization is beginning. Initial off page strategy includes citation building as well as an intensive blogging effort. These high quality blogs will be syndicated to WordPress, Blogger, Weebly y Medium

Each month of the SEO implementation will be monitored and carefully tracked. Monthly reporting will be conducted with the clients to keep them informed of the progress we are making. Key metrics that will be measured include links, rankings, organic visits and leads from organic visitors.

With over 1,000 offices in 81 countries around the globe, WSI provides digital marketing services on a scale that most local providers just cannot match.  Born in 1995, at the birth of the Internet, we have always been, and always will be, an entirely digital marketing agency. 

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