Insurance Agency ARP engages WSI for their Web Positioning with SEO

Madelene - 2015-06-29

Analistas en Riesgos Patrimoniales, Agente de Seguros y Fianzas S. A. de C. V. (ARP), aware of the commercial explosion that happened in the field of risk prevention and the insurance market, strengthens its advertising presence on the Internet by entrusting its SEO to WSI.

ARP is a company whose mission is to ensure that its customers have a scheme to deal with financial losses or requirements of significant expense, unless they endanger their financial, physical or emotional stability, and in this way contribute to the safe and consistent development of their patrimony.


Attentive to the increase in the potential market that represents the insurance market on the Internet, ARP has begun its online advertising strategy taking advantage of the change in customer behavior that has been observed in the insurance sector for the recent years.

ARP is supporting in WSI, a digital marketing solutions company, to develop its advertising strategy on the Internet so that they will gain market share in this online potential market.



In the first step, six new optimized web pages were added for SEO, and one existing page was updated. These pages are the following:








Each month WSI will provide to ARP a detailed report of the performance of the SEO campaign that shows the results, activities and in depth analysis of their Google Analytics data to assess the effectiveness of the SEO campaign as a result of the on-page and off-page optimizations.

ARP offers services that are differentiated by their professionalism, great customer service and honesty, focused on providing the best solution for the prevention of financial risks of companies or persons served by ARP.


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