WSI Expands ProCoat Systems Marketing Presence With Website Expansion and Multiple Local Search Campaigns

Madelene - 2016-04-29

ProCoat Systems Premium Building Products

Building materials supplier ProCoat Systems has been a leading Colorado-area building materials supplier for more than 30 years.  With the sale of the company in 2015 to Beacon Roofing Supply (Nasdaq: BECN), ProCoat Systems is on a new trajectory to expand its territory to other markets – enter WSI’s experienced web presence rebuilders and digital marketing experts to provide a responsive web design that encompasses all of ProCoat’s locations and provides the platform for enhanced local SEO in each market.

The first store in its expansion plan is the newly opened Salt Lake City branch. ProCoat Systems is well known for providing quality building envelop products, including:

  • Air Barriers & Sealants
    Air, water, and vapor barriers, flashing, and supportive materials, as well as a variety of sealants and caulking.
  • Stucco & EIFS
    Stucco and EIFS insulation and waterproof solutions are popular materials in Colorado and Utah climates.
  • Cultured and Natural Stone Veneers
    Both natural and manufactured stone veneer in a variety of styles from industry leaders like Realstone Systems and Coronado.
  • Paint & Protective Coatings
    Procoat offers paints, stains, sealers, protective coatings, water repellants, and interior textured wall finishes.
  • Concrete Restoration
    Products for the maintenance, repair and restoration of concrete including concrete cleaners, coatings, protectants, and strengtheners.
  • Waterproofing Products
    Waterproofing, water management, and drainage solutions for the protection of foundation walls, plaza and parking decks, balcony decks, and planters.

Expanding ProCoat System’s Digital Footprint

To accommodate ProCoat’s growth trajectory, WSI was retained to build a responsive website that separated locations with individual landing pages that could utilize geographic-specific information and content to not only benefit local search, but also help local customers identify with their own stores.

To begin optimizing the new location pages, WSI recommended primary keywords based on not only on relevance to each branches’ product offerings, but also search volume in each respective market. Supplemental secondary keywords in the same semantic categories ensure that searches for multiple products produce strong local results. The site was further optimized with keyword rich URLs and SEO-friendly page copy.

To further build quality traffic to the new site, WSI also implemented a social media and blogging campaign through a variety of platforms including WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and Weebly. The combined efforts of WSI’s proven SEO strategies have lead to a substantial increase in page 1 search rankings, a boost in Google organic traffic to the site (and across search engines overall), as well as improved geolocation via Google Places.

The Internet marketing program initiated by WSI will continue to expand as the company expands its locations, creating a model for early online traction for new branches and ProCoat sales people.

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