New Website and SEO for Nature’s Hot Tub Treatment

Madelene - 2019-04-27

WSI was selected to build a new responsive eCommerce site and provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Nature’s Hot Tub Treatment, an online store specializing in all natural products for cleaning and maintaining your spa, hot tub, and swimming pool. The new site has already gained momentum in organic search and we are working to expand this online presence with a combination of content marketing (onsite and social blogging), link building, paid advertising including Google Shopping, and email marketing.

Nature’s Hot Tub Treatment now has optimized pages based on relevant keywords for:








We have begun tracking the progress of our marketing campaigns and reviewing the results achieved.  To date, our Search Engine Optimization efforts have yielded a 36% increase in Organic Traffic. Social including Google My Business have improved 69%. We will measure, analyse, and report on the ranking of each of the chosen keywords, new backlinks, traffic to the website and much more.  As our efforts continue, we look forward to improved ranking, higher visitor traffic, and improved conversion rates.

We are excited about the strong beginning to our business partnership with Nature’s Hot Tub Treatment.

For premium digital marketing services, consult with WSI, the leader in digital marketing worldwide.

This article was originally posted at: https://www.wsicybersmart.com/new-website-and-seo-for-natures-hot-tub-treatment/

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Software Solutions Co. trusts WSI for SEO

Madelene - 2018-06-14

WSI Digital Marketing has recently launched SEO efforts for Softland Chile.

Softland is a leader company on software solutions area for business management which was born in 1982. It has presence in Latin America.

It offers ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management systems  for small, medium and large businesses. It develops computer programs for businesses & SMEs administration helping companies to take advantage of information technologies, simplifying all their business processes.

WSI Digital Marketing has been hired by Softland Chile to implement SEO, covering 25 keywords for its website. The following keywords and pages are covered in this phase of the implementation:  

sistema erp     http://www.softland.cl/ 
sistema de gestion integrado   http://www.softland.cl/sistema-de-gestion-integrado/
software punto de venta         http://www.softland.cl/software-punto-de-venta 
software contable                     http://www.softland.cl/software-contable 
software de contabilidad        http://www.softland.cl/software-de-contabilidad 
programas de contabilidad    http://www.softland.cl/programas-de-contabilidad/ 
software de gestion                  http://www.softland.cl/software-de-gestion/ 
sistema de remuneraciones   http://www.softland.cl/sistema-de-remuneraciones/ 
sistema de contabilidad          http://www.softland.cl/sistema-de-contabilidad 
crm software                             http://www.softland.cl/crm-software/ 
software de remuneraciones   http://www.softland.cl/software-de-remuneraciones/ 
programas contables                http://www.softland.cl/programas-contables/ 
software facturacion electronica   http://www.softland.cl/software-facturacion-electronica/ 
sistemas de produccion          http://www.softland.cl/sistemas-de-produccion/  
sistema de control de inventarios    http://www.softland.cl/sistema-de-control-de-inventarios/ 
sistema de facturacion electronica  http://www.softland.cl/sistema-de-facturacion-electronica/ 
software administrativo        http://www.softland.cl/software-administrativo/  
sistema administrativo          http://www.softland.cl/sistema-administrativo/ 
programa de inventario         http://www.softland.cl/programa-de-inventario/ 
sistema punto de venta          http://www.softland.cl/sistema-punto-de-venta/  
programas de gestion             http://www.softland.cl/programas-de-gestion/  
programa de remuneraciones    http://www.softland.cl/programa-de-remuneraciones/ 
sistema de administracion     http://www.softland.cl/sistema-de-administracion/  
programa erp       http://www.softland.cl/programa-erp/ 
sistema de recursos humanos     http://www.softland.cl/sistema-de-recursos-humanos/

Softland logo

With the SEO optimized pages now up on the site the off page optimization is beginning. Initial off page strategy includes citation building as well as an intensive blogging effort. These high quality blogs will be syndicated to WordPress, Blogger, Weebly y Medium

Each month of the SEO implementation will be monitored and carefully tracked. Monthly reporting will be conducted with the clients to keep them informed of the progress we are making. Key metrics that will be measured include links, rankings, organic visits and leads from organic visitors.

With over 1,000 offices in 81 countries around the globe, WSI provides digital marketing services on a scale that most local providers just cannot match.  Born in 1995, at the birth of the Internet, we have always been, and always will be, an entirely digital marketing agency. 

This post originally appeared at:  http://www.wsidigitalnet.com/cia-de-software-contrata-a-wsi-para-seo/

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Platypus Wine Tours Selects WSI as Digital Marketing Partner

Madelene - 2018-05-16

Platypus Wine Tours, a leading wine tour company located in Napa Valley and Sonoma in California, has partnered with WSI to perform a wide range of digital marketing services, including Search Engine Optimization, Digital Advertising, Social Media Management and Marketing Automation.

Platypus Wine Tours is a wine tour company specializing in intimate, unforgettable tours to Napa Valley and Sonoma wineries. With their team of passionate and very experienced tour guides and support staff, they are specializing in tours of Napa Valley  and Sonoma Valley wineries, as well as other magnificent local wine regions, such as St. Helena and Calistoga, Healdsburg, Russian River, Dry Creek, West Side and Alexander Valley.

The company conducts daily shuttle bus tours to join (Join-in Tours), and also private tours, with dedicated drivers/guides and a non-shared vehicle (Private Wine Tours). The following wine tour options are offered by Platypus Wine Tours:

As part of the WSI SEO program, content is created and posted on a variety of platforms including, WordPress.comBlogger, Weebly and Tumblr. The content is also being posted on the website’s blog and on the company’s social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The SEO campaign will be monitored and carefully tracked to document the progress made and to adjust the different SEO tactics with the goal to maximize online lead generation and bookings. Key metrics that will be measured include rankings, links, website visits and online bookings for the different tour options.

This post originally appeared at https://wsinextgenmarketing.com/platypus-wine-tours-selects-wsi-as-digital-marketing-partner/

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Production Automation Company Reinitiates SEO with WSI

Madelene - 2018-04-06

WSI Digital Marketing has recently re-established our SEO initiative with Systematic Automation Inc., the industry leader in production automation for over 35 years.

Systematic Automation manufactures and designs screen printing machines, UV curing systems, flame treatment systems and vacuum tables.  They offer customized solutions that ensure the machines fit the specific needs of the client.  All systems are manufactured and designed at the Systematic Automation headquarters in Farmington, CT.  Their products are made to last a lifetime and are sold to companies around the world.

The high quality of Systematic Automation products is the result of truly innovative design, strict process control, and continual product improvement.  Systematic Automation produces more models of screen printing machines than any other company in the world.

On page SEO for Systematic Automation is complete and you can see examples of SA’s optimized pages here:








The off-page optimization is ongoing for Systematic Automation.  In addition to registering the company in various business directories, we also do on page blogging, 3rd Party blogging, as well as blogs posted on Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress and Weebly.  These blog posts will have topics ranging from the features of products, how to find the right value for the product you are looking for, to even how to find the right machine for your use case. 

These combined on-page and off-page optimization efforts should continue to move Systematic Automation up in the rankings, just as it has in the past. Monthly reporting will be conducted with key leadership to keep them informed of the progress we are making.

This blog post originally appeared at: https://www.wsipaulasanderson.com/blog/production-automation-company-reinitiates-seo-wsi/

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New Mexico University continues partnership with WSI for SEO and content marketing

Madelene - 2018-03-09

New Mexico University Website

WSI extended is partnership with Eastern New Mexico State University to continue SEO and online marketing initiatives for the university. For over 80 years ENMU has prepared students for careers and advanced study. ENMU serves students of traditional age, adult learners and organizations through undergraduate and graduate programs.

ENMU has worked with WSI for over two years to improve its online visibility to prospective students. WSI previously completed an in-depth on-page search engine optimization and keyword analysis to develop baseline metrics and initial campaign strategies. To assist in delivering ENMU’s message of quality, affordable and convenient education programs to more prospective students, WSI will continue its campaign initiatives with greater focus.  After reviewing ENMU’s program priorities and campaign goals, WSI and ENMU identified five key programs to highlight. These five programs and their respective optimized web pages are:

ENMU’s custom program includes organic search engine optimization as well as a market-segmented paid advertising approach that leverages multiple types of display and remarketing advertising. This will continue to forward the goal of increasing ENMU’s sites’ search engine page ranks and on-site conversions. Beginning with developing keyword optimized blogs describing the highlighted programs’ unique offerings, WSI’s SEO strategy to reach more prospective students includes both on and off page optimization. This work sends direct as well as indirect traffic to the site, increasing the page rank. These blogs will be posted on Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr. Lastly, for visitors to ENMU’s sites, WSI continues to engage prospective students through diverse remarketing campaigns that reinforce ENMU’s message, increasing repeat visitors to the site.

About ENMU

As New Mexico’s largest regional comprehensive university, ENMU opened its doors in 1934 as Eastern New Mexico Junior College. In 1940, after adding additional classes leading to a bachelor’s degree, the school was renamed Eastern New Mexico College. ENMC was accredited as a four-year liberal arts college in 1946-47. Graduate work leading to the master’s degree in some departments was added in 1949, and April 5, 1949, the Board of Regents approved the change of the institution’s name to Eastern New Mexico University.

About WSI

WSI is an innovative digital marketing agency with offices in over 80 countries. We help entrepreneurs and business leaders cost-effectively unlock the full potential of their business by leveraging the Internet and its many unrecognized opportunities.

There are no magic bullets when it comes to growing your business; however with over two decades of experience we have discovered proven means for delivering exponential results. WSI can help you realize your vision through intelligent, time-tested marketing strategies and methodologies.

This blog was originally posted at:  https://wsiconnect.com/blog/new-mexico-university-continues-partnership-wsi-seo-content-marketing/

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Covenant Schools Associates with WSI for their Marketing Success

Madelene - 2018-02-27

Covenant Schools is a Christian preschool which offers 5 different educational programs for children to encourage their healthy development.

The educational curriculum at Covenant Schools encloses academic learning which includes language, arts, science, and social studies. Apart from the curriculum, the safe & enriching environment provides a stepping stone to future success of kids.

Covenant Schools hired WSI to improve their online visibility and presence so that they could help more kids spread their wings of success with WSI’s help.

The following SEO pages have been optimized with relevant keywords for their website:

Covenant School logo

With the SEO optimized pages now up on the site, the off page optimization is ready to get started. The initial Off page plan includes citation building, content creation and syndication on high authority blogging sites like WordPressWeeblyBlogger, Tumblr and Medium.

Each month, SEO success will be monitored and tracked carefully. Monthly reporting will be done to keep the clients informed of the progress made. Our main aim is to increase the rankings and visibility along with bringing relevant traffic to the website.

Get in touch with us if you’re looking for various other marketing strategies including PPC, SEM, and SMO. Contact us for a consultation.

This blog post originally appeared at: https://www.wsiwebenhancers.com/covenant-schools-associates-wsi-marketing-success/

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WSI Implements SEO for Tomlinson McKinstry Law Firm

Madelene - 2018-02-15

Tomlinson McKinstry image

Tomlinson McKinstry, a trial attorney firm in Oklahoma City, OK, has partnered with WSI to increase search engine traffic to their website (tmoklaw.com). The firm provides a wide variety of legal solutions for their clients across several areas of expertise, including Insurance Litigation, Inventions and Branding, Litigation and Product Safety, Business Transactions and Disputes, Personal Injury, and Employer Defense.

Tomlinson McKinstry had recently implemented a new web site, and realizing that no traffic was being directed to the site, engaged WSI to optimize their website through keyword research and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These strategies have been proven to improve Google organic search performance.

The WSI team was immediately able to determine that there were several issues with the web site itself that made it virtually invisible to the search engines. Over time, we were able to correct the issues and then began on-site optimization efforts for the existing site pages.

The focus of the optimization has been the following keywords:

In addition to the on-site optimization, WSI has implemented an off-site digital marketing strategy as well. We have aligned their Google MyBusiness, Bing, and Yelp entries as well as over 40 additional local directory name, address, and phone entries. Implementation is already well underway and we have already seen a steady increase in site traffic.

Monthly reporting has been put into place in order to report and demonstrate progress.

WSI is the global leader in digital marketing with over 1,000 digital marketing consultants in over 80 countries. We help business harness the power of the internet to improve their ROI. On average, there are over two billion searches done on Google daily. Consumers are using the results in search engines to help them make informed decisions in every industry. If you aren’t ranking well for your specific keywords, you are probably missing out on significant traffic to your site and ultimately customers. WSI would be happy to discuss your goals, or do an analysis of your current marketing activities.

This post originally appeared here: http://www.wsibestebusiness.com/digital-marketing/wsi-implements-seo-for-tomlinson-mckinstry-law-firm

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Internationell Sökoptimering

Madelene - 2018-02-06

WSI WebAnalys SEO och Sökmotorer bild

Internationell sökoptimering och sökmotorer

När det gäller internationell sökoptimering och val av domäner är det mycket man bör veta och ta hänsyn till. De flesta företag har inte de resurser och den kunskap som krävs för att få bra resultat. Samtidigt bör man koppla ihop den digitala strategin med företagets kortsiktiga och långsikta affärsmål. WSI:s sökoptimeringsexperter jobbar dagligen med t.ex. Google Webmaster, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Business, samt andra avancerade program och verktyg för att kunna analysera, förbättra och leverera goda resultat för våra internationella kunder. Det innebär bland annat att följa med i den tekniska utvecklingen. Inte alla har läst Google Webmaster Guidelines eller har en god förståelse för hur Google indexerar och hur rankningen fungerar internationellt. Riktlinjerna varierar dessutom gällande olika sökmotorer som Bing, Baidu, Yandex, Yahoo och Google. Dessutom ändras riktlinjerna och guiderna över tid så det är viktigt att veta när de har ändrats för att kunna justera strategin för hemsidor för att inte tappa i rankning.

Internationell sökoptimering och domäner

Innan man börjar tänka på hemsidans innehåll (content), lokalisering och lokala sökord för varje marknad bör man titta på den tekniska delen av hemsidan. Vilken domän som man använder när man fokuserar på lokala marknader kan påverka hur hemsidan fungerar.  Det finns flera alternativ gällande domänstruktur – här går vi igenom tre stycken. För alla alternativ finns det fördelar och nackdelar som man bör beakta. Vill du ha: minhemsida.com.se eller minhemsida.com/se eller se.minhemsida.com?    

  1. Toppdomäner länder (ccTLDs)
  2. Subkataloger/subdirectories
  3. Subdomän

Landskoder och toppdomäner 

County Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) är specifikt för ett land, t.ex.  .se för Sverige eller .fr för Frankrike.

Fördelar med landskoder och toppdomäner:

  • Automatiskt associerad med landet
  • Klart och tydligt för besökare att den här sajten är menad för dem
  • Tydligt i sökresultat att sajten riktar sig till ett specifikt land
  • I många länder föredrar kunder en lokalt baserad hemsida
  • För en del marknader fungerar ccTLD bättre gällande rankningar

Nackdelar med landskoder och toppdomäner:

  • Ökade kostnader för domänregistrering (om det gäller t.ex 40 länder behöver du 40 ccTLDs.
  • Du får ”börja från början” utan domänhistoria eller länkar när du lanserar sajten på en ny marknad
  • Du måste ibland ta hänsyn till dialekter eller samma språk som talas i olika länder
  • Hemsidan kommer att ha väldigt många externa länkar på den om du har ”valbart språk”, s.k. dropdown på alla sidor. Detta kan leda till att profilen för tillbakalänkarna domineras av länkar från dina egna sajter – det betyder att de tillbakalänkarna som du skapat inte kommer att vara lika kraftfulla.
  • SEO-arbete på en hemsida kommer inte att påverka alla hemsidor, de är alla separata.


Subkataloger och Subdirectories 

Subkataloger för specifika språk eller länder kan läggas till för vilken domän som helst, t.ex. (www.namn.com/se), men för att det ska fungera på ett effektivt sätt så behöver hemsidan också vara på en toppdomän som .com och inte en lokal domän som t.ex. de. Ett exempel på den här strukturen är Ikea – www.ikea.com/se/sv/.

Ikea hemsida domänstruktur bild

Fördelar med subkataloger:             

  • Sökoptimering som görs på en del av domänen kommer att påverka alla kataloger som att det skulle vara en sajt.
  • Du startar inte från början med en hemsida utan har auktoritet från originalsajten. Att ta hänsyn till gällande nya marknader.
  • Länkar mellan länder ses som interna länkar, inte externa, som hjälper din profil för tillbakalänkar eftersom de är framförallt länkar från andra människors hemsidor och inte huvudsakligen från din egen hemsida.
  • Inga extra kostnader för domäner och webbhotell.

Nackdelar med subkataloger:

  • I sökresultaten så är det inte uppenbart att subkatalogen finns särskilt för användare i det landet (/se/ kan även vara en sida som handlar om Svenska produkter snarare än en sida specifikt för Svenska besökare).
  • Ingen automatisk koppling i sökhänseende gällande specifikt land
  • Risk för intern kannibalisering – olika internationella landningssidor kan påverkas så att de konkurrerar med varandra i olika sökresultat och det kan vara svår att få den rätta landningssidan att få bra rankning i det relevanta landets sökningar.
  • Var uppmärksam gällande automatiska funktioner för sökoptimering i din CMS – det sista du vill är att din översättning på din landssida för en specifik marknad har en ”default” titeltagg och metabeskrivningar på varje sida på t.e.x engelska istället för på svenska.

Ett annat globalt varumärke som använder sig av d.en här domänstrategin är Spotify. Är du i Sverige och skriver in www.spotify.com eller www.spotify.se så blir du omdirigerad och kommer till samma sida: www.spotify.com/se/.

Spotify hemsida domänstrategi bild


Subdomäner adderar landets innehåll (content) till början av domänen (se.namn.com). En del CMS-verktyg eller s.k. ”proxies” andvänder ”default” för detta så det är en populär teknik för många internationella hemsidor. Detta gäller endast när huvudsaklig hemsida är en .com-domän.

Fördelar med subdomäner:

  • Ganska enkla att administrera

Nackdelar med subdomäner:

  • Användare kan föredra att använda en lokal hemsida
  • Inte lika stark domänauktoritet

Ett exempel är WordPress (sv/wordpress.com).

WordPress hemsida domänstrategi bild

Oavsett vilken domänstrategi du har kan vi hjälpa dig vidare med sökoptimering. Kontakta oss så kan vi diskutera lokal marknadsföring, sociala medier, digital annonsering och mycket mer! WSI har även experter inom varje område samt lokala konsulter i över 80 länder. 


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WSI Launches Phase Two SEO for Interra International

Madelene - 2018-02-01

Interra Internartional image

WSI has completed phase two of a comprehensive SEO strategy for Interra International. As one of the leaders in the trade and distribution of food products, Interra is committed to increasing their digital footprint by optimizing content and promoting more products on a continuing basis.

WSI has implemented phase two which includes three more categories of food. The initial SEO implementation focused on:

wholesale pork – http://interrainternational.com/proteins/pork/

wholesale chicken – http://interrainternational.com/proteins/chicken-poultry

wholesale turkey – http://interrainternational.com/proteins/turkey/

wholesale dairy – http://interrainternational.com/commodities/milk-dairy/

Phase two includes:

wholesale sugar – http://interrainternational.com/commodities/sugar/

wholesale rice – http://interrainternational.com/commodities/rice/

wholesale nuts – http://interrainternational.com/commodities/nuts/

The newest page optimizations follow the same strategy as the pages in phase one, taking into consideration, industry search keywords aimed toward driving traffic to the Interra International website.

WSI provides monthly content marketing, posting on Interra’s News Blog, as well as their social sites.

Interra News




Tracking and analysis continue, and the website is performing nicely with 4x the number of visits to those optimized Landing Page. Most of the keywords are either page 1 of Search or high page 2 and climbing.

This post originally appeared:  http://www.wsicybersmart.com/wsi-launches-phase-two-seo-interra-international/

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Chicago Law Firm Hires WSI for SEO Digital Marketing

Madelene - 2018-01-09

McKenna Law Firm

McKenna Storer, top-rated insurance defense and corporate law firm located in Chicago, hired WSI for implementation of a search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing program. WSI’s personalized and holistic approach to online marketing and law firm SEO was an important factor in the hiring decision. 

For more than 60 years, the attorneys at McKenna Storer have been delivering outstanding legal representation to their clients in a broad range of practice areas that include insurance defense, complex and toxic torts, construction litigation, professional and medical malpractice defense, banking and commercial finance, bankruptcy, trusts, and probate. Fortune 500 companies and large corporations, as well as small businesses and individuals, have come to rely on McKenna Storer attorneys to help resolve difficult disputes, handle complex litigation, seal critical deals and provide sound legal advice.

Because McKenna Storer is located in one of the most competitive legal markets in the United States, WSI crafted a digital marketing program using a lean approach.  With a primary focus on long-term results, some of the services in this legal marketing plan included a new professional design for the firm website (implemented by the firm’s web developer), persona research and development, content marketing, social media optimization, and SEO plan.

Implementing Law Firm SEO

The SEO program created for McKenna Storer focuses on increasing visibility for the firm’s web pages that focus on some of the key areas of law practiced by their attorneys. The keyword topics for those practice areas include:

Content Marketing for Lawyers

Because the content marketing plan is important to increasing online visibility for lawyers and a law firm, McKenna Storer wasted no time before implementing a blogging schedule for designated attorneys. To kick off the process, WSI held a blogging workshop to provide guidance on reaching prospective clients, target audiences and blogging best practices.  

To complement the content marketing and SEO efforts, WSI completed some social media optimization with the existing Facebook page and built profiles on LinkedIn, twitter, and Google+. Helpful content relevant to latest developments in the firm’s various practice areas will also be shared on WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, and Weebly.

WSI is the largest organization of digital marketing consultants in the world, with offices in more than 80 countries. Offering a full range of digital marketing services including website design and development, search engine optimization, search engine marketing (paid search advertising), email marketing, social media marketing, marketing automation and much more. WSI eMarketer is the local WSI office in the Aiken, SC – Augusta, GA metro area. 

For more information on WSI’s capabilities and strategies around SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Paid Search (Google AdWords, Facebook ads, etc), Marketing Automation, and online marketing opportunities in general, please email us for a free analysis and consultation.

This post was first published at:  http://www.wsiemarketer.com/blog/mckenna-hires-wsi-law-firm-seo/

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