The birth of a College Residence

The birth of a College Residence

Madelene - 2015-11-28

Guatemala Residence College

In 1993 we were searching for a place we could build our home and watch our children grow. We drove and visited numerous sites in different parts of the city, during that time Guatemala City was growing towards Zone 16 and Carretera al Salvador. Finally we found the perfect place, a beautiful area with almost no development.  After 22 years we wouldn´t have changed it for any other in the world. We made the perfect decision.  

From home to college residence

As time went by the beautiful property that one day was full of life and children became lonely and quiet as they grew and went on their way to form their own lives. With a breath taking view, beautiful garden and ample rooms, deciding to convert it to a college residence (residencia universitaria en Guatemala) to host students wasn´t very hard. Located in carretera al Salvador with great accesibility in a very peaceful, quiet and stress free area, it´s really an ideal place for  college students to live near their campus and have all basic services included (servicios básicos)

Challenges on converting to a college residence

Remodeling a family home to convert into a college residence (residencia universitaria en Guatemala) has it´s challenges. Usually details such as parking spots, bathrooms, kitchen, security, etc. have to be considered to offer accomodations and services important for a student. Something basic as furniture is somewhat different when it´s a home and a college residence (residencia universitaria). With that in mind were sure to fill all those needs and convert in the best possible way the house we once called home into a beautiful residence to host college students in Guatemala and provide them with an ideal place to live while pursuing their dreams of a college career.

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